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Explore and present design and video. Enter a public URL and Mockup Page opens it in a WYSIWYG editor. Change content, drag/drop video in team meetings and client presentations. Test it with the default settings.
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Test Out These Templates or enter 3rd party template URLs above

Drag these links onto your bookmarks bar. Use them on URLs you visit.


This makes any page you're on editable. Click it and you'll be able to change text, paste content and more.


This returns the page you're editing to normal mode so you can test changes.


This imports the page you're on into Mockup Page where you can edit, save, share it and more. You need to be logged in first (free)

CONTROLS: Click the SPACEBAR to play/pause the video. Pause reveals information. Use the left/right arrows to move to different locations in the video. Easy!

Select URL's to Open

You can load around 70% of web urls into Mockup Page. These may be your website urls, a prospect or clients url you want to improve or a template url to test new site designs.

Around 30% of urls can't be loaded and you'll see a message indicating such. Reasons why some urls don't load may vary. Some sites built in frameworks like React or Angular may not load and some sites security settings prevent it from being loaded. The only way to know is to load a URL and see the result.
  • HTML sites
  • Wordpress sites
  • WIX sites
  • jQuery sites
  • PHP sites
  • .Net sites
  • Template sites
  • Other sites

Copy and Paste URL's

Mockup Page contains a notepad area you can store the URL's you want to test. The user interface (UI) contains a field to insert the URL and a field to insert a video URL (optional) if you want to add video to the page. Hello Videographers!

Mockup Page is a full screen responsive WYSIWYG editor. This means that css transitions, jQuery FX and some JS works in the editor while still enabling you to change text content. You can also paste content from 3rd party sites into the page.
    To use Mockup Page for client prospecting visit a prospects site and select a few pages you could improve. Open them in Mockup Page and update the content. You can save the mockups and send their links to the prospect.

Edit and Save Mockups

Enter the URL and click Create Mockup. This reveals the page in a full screen WYSIWYG editor. Pro designers can right mouse click in the page and select Inspect to access and change the HTML source.

In the video underneath (toggle spacebar to pause/play) mockups are added to the My Mockup Pages menu once saved. They can be viewed as stand alone HTML flat files on the CDN and this link is available to the people you issue it to. Mockups can be saved to your HD, uploaded elsewhere, deleted and re-edited. And everything's fast.
With your FREE account you can work with up to 5 mockups at any one time. These are located in the MY MOCKUP MENU.

To save a sixth mockup you need to either delete one of the mockups from the menu or you can unlock unlimited mockups from inside the platform.

To create your account click INTRO.

Add Video to the mockup

Video is fast becoming the number one asset to improve a customers website experience. It's popular with Fortune 500 companies and 67% of businesses using video report better business outcomes including increased brand loyalty and purchase activity.

When a video url is included, clicking Create Mockup opens the page in the WYSIWYG editor but includes a video player in the top left corner. This can be resized and dragged into the page. It will appear wherever the cursor is located in the page.
See how good your videos look in different webpages or see how good a video would look in your webpage.


  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • MP4
  • Cloud video
Looking for video ideas for your website? Source YouTube for the style of video you're after and import it into the page you want to see a video on.