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Optimized for Chrome and Firefox
Enter the URL of the page you want to create a mockup of.
Click TEST to see if we can import it.

We can create mockups from the majority of public webpages. Some can't be imported due to the tech used or security settings.
Use https urls where possible.
desktop_mac    Fast WYSIWYG Interface
cloud_done    Group Collaboration
speed    Speed Up Workflow
build    Streamline Design
autorenew    Upgrade Clients
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Create A Virtual Copy Of
A Webpage And...
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  • chevron_right Catalog site evolution
  • chevron_right Acquire new clients
Get ready to enjoy one of the most productive SaaS browser apps for digital agencies, designers and everyday website owners.

Join a growing number of companies who enjoy better results from the moment they start using it.

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WYSIWYG Editor Below
Had an idea for a site?
Enter the URL and

Edit the page
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Paste in content
Save mockup


Use Full Screen WYSIWYG to improve workflow and better serve clients
If your clients sites can be opened in Mockup Page they can
update any page, save it as a flat html file
(a mockup) and send you the
link to view it.

You win because it's fast and easy to copy changes into the live site from the mockup.
Clients win as they can test changes before sending them to you.

easy for clients / great for inhouse

As designers we created a special Mockup Page full screen wysiwyg editor to help us explore ideas and showcase them to clients and prospects
It's now evolved into a multipurpose platform with all sorts of uses.

Our clients love it as we give them an account so they can play with changes and send them to us in a mockup if they want to.

Why it works so well is the editor is full page wysiwyg and a delight to use.
It's like you're surfing the site except you can edit the content. It's true wysiwyg.

It's also inexpensive.

A seat costs just $79US a year (or less) and you get a free complimentary account for one of your clients.

But think that's good...

Watch how your sales team can
use it to increase business.

Ready to explore a new idea for a webpage?

This is so easy you'll wonder how you ever did without it.

Login, enter the url and click CREATE MOCKUP

A mockup of the URL will open in a FULL SCREEN wysiwyg editor in seconds.

Work on it alone or invite colleagues and clients to participate. 

Pro designers will like this too.

Unlike most wysiwyg editors Mockup Page IS full screen and reflects any UI effects you bake into the source document.
So things like css hover effects, jQuery transitions and javascript functions fire in the editor.
What other WYSIWYG editor lets you do that?

Once you've finished editing you can save the mockup 
and everyone can view it in the browser.

Great For Internal Use

MANAGEMENT: Use Mockup Page like a sketch pad to share and test ideas. It's great in team meetings.

DESIGN TEAMS: Work in a WYSIWYG UI to hone style and content changes before porting into production.

SALES TEAMS: Strengthen those relationships. Open a clients page and explore ideas with them in person.

It's so easy to use. Load a URL, Edit & Save

Dashboard + Editor

And here's the result saved to the cloud.

When your clients use it they make the job easier for everyone

Use the demo editor to see if Mockup Page can open a few different clients pages. Play around with the editor to see if it's easy enough to use. Setup seats for any clients who want the ability to test changes before sending them to you. It'll make your job faster and easier.

1. See if Mockup Page can open the clients website
(import their url)

2. If it can, set up a Mockup Page account for them

3. They login and import a page they want updated

4. They update the page and save it

5. They send you the mockup url and you copy the changes into their production site. It's fast and easy.

Client Aquisition

One of Mockup Page's most powerful uses is helping web designers and digital agencies acquire new clients.

It can be as easy as importing a prospects page, making changes that highlight your vision and expertise and sending them a link to it. Use it as part of your client aquisition roadmap to win new business.

Mockup Page is highly useful but before we delve into its features it's worth first pointing out what it isn't.

It's not a prototyping tool like Sketch, InVision, Figma or Zeplin although it can be used as a html protyping tool. It recreates (or mocks up) pages that exist on the web, which is a great option to have whenever you want it. Will it import any page off the web? Unfortunately no.

Sites built in React, Angular and other javascript frameworks can't be rebuilt in Mockup Page (at this point...but we're working on it). Also some security settings may prevent the page source from being imported from a site. But, as you probably built the site(s) you'll want to use Mockup Page on you'll be aware of their setup.

That said, if a site outputs html (WIX, Wordpress, PHP, C#, HTML5, etc) it's likely its pages can be opened in Mockup Page.

And that's when the fun begins.

AGENCIES: Do More In Meetings

A typical process when planning updates is to have a page scheduled for update open in the browser all ready to discuss with the client and/or the team.

The disadvantage is everyone has to imagine the changes and won't see them until they are published. This is where Mockup Page steps in. In that meeting you can open the page in the editor, update the content on the fly and see the results immediately.

It's a mockup and you're not affecting the source. The productivity is made by showing everyone how changes will look before they get actioned. It puts everyone on the same page and because mockups aren't dependent on database requests it helps ideas progress faster. It also saves the design team time implementing changes.

Everytime you update the mockup you save time delivering the project. Normally changes won't occur until the designer is updating, saving, refreshing the browser and viewing the changes. It's here we reduce those 3-4 steps (per change) to 1 step.

Make the change in the mockup first then copy into production. It's faster and over a projects lifetime you can save hours, days and even weeks delivering a better product.

Sales made easy. Demonstrate potential site improvements in realtime to clients

What better way to strengthen business relationships than by opening a clients webpage and getting them involved? Take it to another level with Mockup Page where you can discuss and make changes effortlessly on the fly.

Create mockups before the meeting so you have something to present to the client which they can then collaborate on throughout the meeting.

It's all cloud. Mockups are saved to our CDN as a flat html file and have no impact on the live site. They can be stored, saved locally, uploaded elsewhere and removed from the CDN at any time.

UI/UX/Dev teams can save hours on projects

Designers & developers often work in code editors like Visual Studio Code or maybe CMS' like Wordpress. The downside is work typically needs to be saved and pushed to a server before it can be viewed. This may take a few seconds locally, longer over a network and even longer if pushing to Git. It all takes up time though. And time adds up.

This is where Mockup Page comes into its own. By having a document also open in Mockup Page you can quickly tryout UI and other changes in a wysiwyg environment then copy the changes into the source document. No delays waiting for responses or database output to render.

When changes look correct then they can be added to the source document by either copying the content from the mockup or using the browser developer console to copy the HTML source. When editing in the wysiwyg editor the console can also be used to update the mockup.

Team Share

Mockups can also be imported. If working with multiple accounts you can import another mockup into your account by opening the mockup url in Mockup Page and saving it.

Lets say Joe in marketing creates a mockup from a clients page and makes some changes.
Sal the designer imports Joe's mockup into her dashboard and enhances the changes then saves a new mockup.
Raj the UI dev imports Sals mockup, makes some more changes and saves his version.
Everyone can now view Raj's mockup and see how the changes have progressed.
They can be further worked on or copied into production.

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Watch how your sales team can
use it in client meetings

Ready to explore a new idea for a webpage?

You now have a full screen wysiwyg environment
to help deliver a better user experience
Enter a URL below and click Create Mockup
To save what you create start a free 30 day trial


Best used with Chrome or Firefox

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Next step

If you don't have a full account login to the demo account with this email and password and test out the platform.

  • demo
You will be able to create as many mockup pages as you like. This is exactly like the full version except the SAVE, DELETE and MY ACCOUNT functions have been disabled. To activate them start a free trial.

computer 1280 screen width or higher recommended.
Take a 30 day free trial of the full version here

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desktop_mac    Fast WYSIWYG Interface
cloud_done    Group Collaboration
speed    Speed Up Workflow
build    Streamline Design
autorenew    Upgrade Clients
card_membership    Offer New Services

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Fast WYSIWYG Interface
Group Collaboration
Speed Up Workflow
Full screen responsive WYSIWYG. It's a great option to have whenever you want it.
Collaborate on a mockup via remote desktop or Skype screenshare. They can also be transfered between accounts.
Reduce trips to the server. The flat file mockup means less serverside requests.
Streamline Design
Upgrade Clients
Offer New Services
Full access to the mockups source from the Chrome/Firefox console.
Open a clients webpage with them and explore potential improvements on the fly.
Use Mockup Page as a time machine (see below). Offer an archival service to clients.

dynamic_feed Seamless Workflow Integration

Mockup Page can fit seamlessly into your workflow.

Being a browser app it sits outdside your ecosystem and requires no integration. Just use it.

Mockup Page can be used throughout the company. From marketing & sales to your web, IT, design and multimedia teams as well as by management and stakeholders. It's perfect for testing ideas on the fly.

group_add Management & Business Stakeholders

Mockup Page is a fast, multipurpose environment that can speed up project delivery.

Generate real productivity gains by reducing project development time. Most publishing environments don't provide a full screen wysiwyg editor even though it would be great to have. So Mockup Page provides that feature without any integration necessary. Load the url into Mockup Page the same as you would in the browser and even though it looks and often responds the same it's now also editoble.

public Business and Sales

Offer more to clients and attract new ones.

Looking for a better way to service clients? Demonstrating changes in a mockup page provides a before and after perspective when compared to their existing site. When the client or prospect experiences the improvement they become motivated to move forward.

Doing this in person or via screen share makes them feel involved and part of the process. It also creates an opportunity to explore new ideas throughout the meeting.

Creating accounts for clients means they can play with ideas in their own time. They can then send mockups through to you to be copied into production. They're not doing your work for you, just streamlining what they want you to do for them. The more they use Mockup Page the more they need the live site updated.

people_alt Web, Multimedia & Design Teams

Fast track ideas and processes.

The full screen wysiwyg editor makes adding or updating content fast and simple while you still get full access to the source via the browser developer tools console. Changes made in the console that are reflected in the page will be saved.

Use it for wireframing. If using similar components like certain forms regularly you'll speed up development time significantly by hosting a "go to" template page of all those components.

Have that page open in a new tab as you work on a mockup so you can copy/paste from the template into the mockup. It's faster than cut & pasteing form code around the source code.

If you have 2-3 forms you typically use, place them in a div and add it to the template. Use the mouse to scroll over and copy the div and paste it into the mockup. All the code within the div (javascript included) is pasted into the page. You can of course extend this concept and host your own full page templates to model in a mockup.

compare A/B Tests

Each Mockup Page can be updated in the editor however saving the update won't replace the mockup page; it forks it into a new mockup. This is useful when designing A/B tests.

Forking a mockup, changing the heading and saving it each time the heading is changed creates a mockup for each heading. From here you can decide which ones work best and try those in production.

card_membership Time Machine

Take regular snapshots of your clients web properties to catalog change

The WayBackMachine is wonderful when wanting to look back on how a site appeared in the past. Mockup Page can be used similarly. It's a useful service to provide a company interested in tracking change and it only takes seconds.

If you want to look at how specific pages evolve over time you can open them in Mockup Page every Monday and save the mockup. After a year there are 52 snapshots of each page to look back on.

This becomes useful when analysing peaks and troughs in company performance as well as capturing the evolution of a web property for archival purposes.

Just note the mockup renders objects such as images, videos and scripts that were available on the day it was created. If they are relocated or moved off the originating server they won't appear in the mockup anymore unless you update the mockup to reflect the new path.

Creating a site archive can be a high margin service as it only requires seconds to carry out but offers so much value to the client. Load the page, save the page. Offer it as a per page service and optionally bake in storage fees to maximise value.

accessibility_new you can see

The platform is so flexible we're constantly finding new ways to use it. Much is planned and we're looking forward to providing even more value to your business on the journey ahead.

Not a member yet? It's absolutely risk free to join and we can't wait for you to become part of our community, so come and join. You'll enjoy some fabulous growth options you didn't have yesterday.

And for you who have recently joined, welcome aboard! You've just provided your business with a huge advantage and we can't wait for you to start seeing results.

And finally to all our valued members. You are the reason we're here and we take a personal interest in you. Don't hesitate to reach out to us on with any questions.


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Mockup Page is a full page WYSIWYG
editing SaaS platform
It can create an editable copy of around 70% of webpages on the web. You simply load the url into the editor and you can change the content.

It's full screen wysiwyg so no need to refresh the browser after you make a change. You see exactly how the changes look as you make them. Once you're happy, save the mockup and share its url.

desktop_mac    Fast WYSIWYG Interface
cloud_done    Group Collaboration
speed    Speed Up Workflow
build    Streamline Design
autorenew    Upgrade Clients
card_membership    Offer New Services

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